Head Coaches:

Paul Forsberg & Gino Fontana

Up to date as of 7/25/04



Wednesday July 7 6:00 Knox Forsberg
Sunday July 11 3:00 Middle School South PICTURE DAY
Monday July 12 6:00 Braemar Adams
Saturday July 17 1:00 Sara Adams 4 Adrasco
Wednesday July 21 6:00 Braemar Cooley
Thursday July 22 6:00 Knox Fontana
Saturday July 24 1:00 Knox Gallagher
Monday July 26 6:00 Braemar Godsey
Saturday July 31 3:00 Braemar Irlbeck
Tuesday August 3 6:00 Knox Kehres
Friday August 6 6:00 Braemar LaManna

Game information, playing time and general rules:

We only use e-mail for communication unless we are calling immediately before a game. Therefore, please provide an e-mail account that you read often.
There is a chance of thunderstorms in Illinois practically every day in the summer when the humidity is high. Assume we play all games unless you have received a call from your coaches.  The only time we will cancel a game is if it is practically a downpour as the game starts.  Even then, we may wait a few minutes for the storm to blow over.  The only exception is lightning.  Any sign of lighting, the game is immediately cancelled and all children must go to a car.
Please arrive at the game 30 minutes before the game starts. This is the only time we have to instruct the kids on how to play since it is practically impossible for us to teach during the game.
We will take digital pictures of your child and the team in general during the game.  We will post these pictures on my personal web site, but for privacy purposes we do not include the child's name. If you want to submit content to me, please e-mail it to: .   
Your child will bat in the general order in which he shows up. We will all bat or 1/2 of the team will bat each inning depending on the decision of the coaches. In the past, we have preferred that we play three innings with the entire line up batting each inning, but this a decision left up between the coaches of both teams. Regardless, all children will bat an equal amount. 
We need your child to remain on the bench when our team is batting.  We do not want to have him miss his time at bat if he is off playing.  Furthermore, baseball is a game with a lot of standing and the more we keep the game moving, the more we  can keep everyone's interest.
We rotate the different players in the infield and outfield every inning as much as possible. We have a simple form that we use to show the different players positions.  It is not perfect, but its the only way to easily prepare in case a couple of kids miss a game.
Everyone plays in the field in every inning.
We do not keep score or call outs.  Each batter has 10 pitches to hit a ball, If he does not hit it, he will go to first base anyway.
If your child brings his own bat or helmet to the game, every child has the right to use it.
No cleats.
Parents assisting with batting order, coaching bases, etc. is strongly encouraged and very much welcome.
If you want to discuss anything about the game or our coaching, please wait until after the game and away from the rest of the children where we can discuss the matter privately.
We will work a lot on fundamental techniques.  Therefore, the more parents we have helping before the game, the better so we can work with the smallest group possible.  Generally, the coaches will demonstrate the right technique (e.g. the proper stance) and then we will break down into smaller groups to work on the technique.
Above all, let's have some fun and develop a love for the game !