Choose Life

I give to a few causes which are near and dear to me.  

My preference is to donate to charities which support people who cannot help themselves or are victims of specific circumstances.  These mostly include charities for children.  I also support cancer research.  Finally, I often give to veterans organizations to help men who came to the aid of their country.

One of the most important causes I support is the Pro Life movement.  I firmly believe that an individual should choose life unless the woman's life is in jeopardy. Therefore, I give money to the National Right To Life organization in Washington, DC.  This group advocates Pro Life causes and programs.

Life begins at conception.  Someone needs to stand up for the rights on an unborn child.

A short political commentary on partial birth abortions:

What kind of human being (both doctor and patient) would perform a partial birth abortion ?

How could these people possibly believe this is the right thing to do ?