My New Hensley Hitch:

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You are probably wondering why I would ever create a web page on my new Hensley Hitch.  Well, if you have ever been down the highway, pulling a 31' trailer, and a strong gust pushes the trailer, you will know what I mean.

For others who have not had this experience, it is called "White Knuckles."  Only this time, you are not nearly in control.

Pulling a 31 foot trailer is equivalent to lashing a 248 square foot sail behind you.    High winds and semi trucks can challenge even the most experience drivers. I have not been as effected by trucks since generally you can predict where they are at and when the wind will hit your trailer.  However, you can't see wind nor predict it.

So last year, after a few real uncomfortable rides, I told myself I was going to get the best hitch out in the market.  I purchased a Hensley which effectively eliminates sway.  It also effectively dents you check book, but considering the fact that I have my most important and priceless "possessions" with me when I go camping, I was not concerned about the price.

So I decided to document this day.  Please read on to learn about my experience.

Note, this is just to illustrate my experience and have a little fun. This is not the manual and should not be substituted for one.  All legal disclaimers apply !

Getting Started