One day I was at Jasmine's baseball game and one of the parents mentioned that they purchased a second dog to keep her first dog happy.  I had heard something about this before and I really thought, well, that's a good idea. 

I think Jocelyn was shocked when I said, "Let's go get another dog."

  We had about (2) hours between baseball games and so we called a couple of pet stores in the area and inquired if they had any male Italian Greyhounds.  We found a store with two of them and I liked Sox from the minute I saw him,

We had Sammy with us at the time and they played with each other in the store.  An hour later, I became the owner of two dogs.  If someone asked me in 2004 that within twelve months, I would live in Central Florida and own two dogs, I would tell them they were crazy. 

This just shows you how life can change.

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Sammy's reaction once he realized Sox was saying for good

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Sammy and Sox play real well together - oh, by the way, thank God for tile.

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Even with  (2) dogs, the kids argue over them.


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A few hours later, they looked like best friends