It is with great regret that I must inform you that Sunny died a few weeks after we brought her home.  While we did not know it at the time, Sunny died of distemper. 

We noticed one morning, about 5:00 AM,  that she threw up.  A few minutes later she started to begin which I would describe as a rapid, uncontrollable shaking.  It progressively got worse (over a 5 minute period of time, and we knew something was really wrong.)  We rushed her to the emergency hospital and she died in Parker's arms about 5 minutes from the hospital.  There was nothing the hospital could have done anyway.

We did not know it until the necropsy, which is the canine form of an autopsy, was performed was that she was sick.  Today, all dogs are vaccinated against distemper.  However, she had it before she was vaccinated.  She probably had it shortly after she was born since it takes (3) weeks to manifest itself and we only had her for (2) weeks.

Losing a dog was a difficult thing to take. It was far worse on the children, but I suppose it taught them how to deal with a very difficult situation.