A Forsberg Family Tradition - Beating The Piņata 

I have written before about the odd tradition and socialization of our children concerning the senseless beating of animals (at least paper mache ones.) 

See my social commentary under: Pinata

Beating a piņata is one of the best traditions we have going in America or at least in our family.  

This year, a yellow bear was the victim.

DSC03615.JPG (60485 bytes)

The birthday girl gets the first swing.


DSC03619.JPG (61311 bytes)DSC03630.JPG (61325 bytes)

Parker and Trevor get into the action


DSC03631.JPG (61569 bytes)

Even the bigger kids (in this case Andrew) got a chance to beat the piņata.

DSC03626.JPG (62601 bytes)DSC03616.JPG (62506 bytes)

Finally, it was a free for all as the piņata was pulverized and beaten senseless.