Another Redfish Adventure:

I took my good friend, John, out fishing in my new boat.  Once again, luck was on our side and we hooked up a few redfish.  John caught his first one and it measured 26 inches. 

In the mid morning, we caught another 31 in red fish. This put up a real nice fight.  We also caught several ladyfish which is important since these are awesome redfish bait.  Finally, we caught a ton of trout throughout the entire morning.

Overall, a great day with a great friend!


DSC01496.JPG (34149 bytes)DSC01493.JPG (36391 bytes)

A couple of nice reds.

Photo has been cropped so I don't give away my spot.

DSC01502.JPG (36055 bytes)

This fish was eaten later in the evening.

I look a little tired since I was up since 4:15 AM that day.