Catch of The Day !

All morning we caught a lot of yellow fin bass.  I mean a lot of them - about 85.  These are about 14-17 inches long and about 2 lbs.  They fight just like large mouth bass, but I noticed their skin, when removing the hooks, was a lot stronger.  We caught so many fish that I did not have time to snap off too many pictures with the exception of the big ones.

DSC00519.JPG (63177 bytes)zDSC00521.JPG (36377 bytes)

Parker's first catch and his reward.

DSC00522.JPG (63199 bytes)

Things got exciting when we landed this 3 foot needle fish.  This fish put up a good fight and the kids thought it was great since it was so different than anything we caught before.

DSC00534.JPG (61847 bytes)zDSC00536.JPG (34595 bytes)

A few minutes later we caught  a few small groupers.  This one bled all over the place. If you look at my picture closely, you will see there is blood all over my shirt and pants.  I felt like a real fisherman than !

DSC00537.JPG (61477 bytes)

This was the catch of the day.  A 25 lbs Snapper that took about 10 minutes to bring in.  This was the largest fish any of us have ever caught.

zDSC00525.JPG (37650 bytes)

We caught a smaller one later.

DSC00544.JPG (62527 bytes)DSC00539.JPG (63121 bytes)

DSC00540.JPG (62643 bytes)

Here is how things turned out !