Christmas Eve, 2001 Pictures:

As you may recall from last year's party, we get together on the Mom's side of my family for Christmas Eve.  We have had this tradition for as long as I can remember.  Here are some nice pictures of the event.  Note, I have a few different pages made since I wanted to keep the download time to a minimum.

I have also kept the commentary to a minimum since I don't get the opportunity to see my cousins very often and I don't want to offend them since they may not understand my sense of humor.  I could only image writing something that would get them all worked up and by the next time I would see them, they would be in a complete rage.  This is a receipt for an explosive situation.

If you picture is not here, please do not take offense.


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Ben, Ryan, Mark, Kyle, Becky

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Kevin and I.

 Kevin is an upstanding member of the Chicago Legal Community.

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Kelly and ?

More Christmas Eve Cousins Pictures