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We attended the Dinofest show at Navy Pier.  Parker was thrilled about going and Jocelyn was as well considering the fact that she reminded me of the pending event several times throughout the holiday season.  All married men understand what I mean by being "reminded."

Since it was between the Christmas and New Year's, a lot of people were off work.  Thus, the Dinofest exhibit was absolutely packed.

Before you read any further, please take these steps in mind when attending anything at Navy Pier:

1. Prepare to have your wallet quickly emptied - any event there is really expensive.

2. If you drive a jumbo cruiser like mine, park on the west side of the loop and take a cab.  All of the parking garages in the area assume you drive a Fiat or Ford Festiva.

3. Bring walkie talkies (like the Motorola Walkabout) to help coordinate the meeting times and places if you have to split up to park the car.   It made our life much easier since there was no way I would have ever found them in all of the humanity.


To enter the show please click on the picture below:

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