Updated Frequently Asked Question:

Why are you doing this ?

Because everyone likes to talk about themselves and the web page is a great way to do it.  Actually, it gives me a way to make playful fun of my family.  

I think this is better than either:

1. Taking a bunch of pictures and stuffing them into a shoe box.

2. Inviting your friends over for Fondue and putting on a slide show.

Why some many pictures of your family ?

Listen, if you want to read about the slaughter of livestock and poultry  in the mountains of Chile or the terrible atrocities that plague Central Africa, then listen to National Public Radio or go to www.npr.org.  There are something like 50 million web pages out there, and this is the only one about Paul Forsberg.

Where are the pictures of you ?

There are a few of them, but since I take most of the pictures, there are not a lot of them.

I like this to be a web page of  my experiences and my life as I see them.  It is not a diary, but if you read it  you will learn about me and my values.  

Paul, you complain a lot about not having time for anything.  So when do you find the time ?

Generally at about 1:30 AM on the weekends.  That way, I can stay up real late and  completely screw up my sleeping schedule so I am  fatigued most of the week.

What do you use  to create your web page?

Front Page and an outsourced hosting center.    Front Page is generally pretty easy if you follow the instructions.    I try to keep a consistent format and  the overall download time to a minimum. 

I like to spend my time on content then on making a lot of fancy pictures.   I have some ideas of other things to do, and if I find the time, maybe I will add them.  However, that is not a trivial project - especially when you have (3) little ones to look after.

Where is your members only section  (e.g Adult Section) ?

I don't have am adult section, but I am looking for volunteers for content. Seriously, if you can't find the this type of content on the web, you must have a serious learning disability and I urge you to see professional help.  Do you realize that the most popular sites on the Internet are "Adult" focused ?