Fishing Gear


Here is what I use to catch fish for inshore fishing.  I do not have any real off shore gear since I rarely fish off shore.  In the Mosquito Lagoon, you need relatively lightweight tackle.


#1 - My favor store is Cabelas.  Actually, I have never been there since all of my purchase are online.  I like ordering things on line since a few days later there is a little package waiting for you after work.


I use a combination of Pflueger and Shimano reels.  I prefer the Pflueger Reels since they have better customer service.  I recently purchased their new Infusion Model (from Cabelas, of course) and it is very smooth.

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For line I use Suffix Braid line in 10 lbs. test.  It is very smooth and, when used in combination with an artificial bait, you can cast a country mike.

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For rods, I have standardized on Shimano Clarus rods.  They are about $67 each and are a good value.  They are both sensitive and strong.

I use primarily gulp shrimp.  It works great.  The only downside is when the puffer fish eat them since I consider puffer fish garbage fish.

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Finally, I use Gamatasu hooks. I used #1 or #2 circle hooks.  They are super sharp and do not rust.

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