Fishing With Matt:

My brother Matthew flew in a few weeks ago to spend the weekend with me.  He was specifically interested in fishing the entire weekend and I was happy to oblige.  So, we fished all Saturday and Sunday day.  

It was awesome.

We fished all over in Super shallow flats, creeks, Haulover canal.  We even fished with artificials and plastics and "worked an area."

We caught a lot of fish.  We did not catch a lot of big fish. but we had a great time.

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Matthew catching a few dink trout.  Since Matt has not yet broken the Forsberg family tradition of rarely catching fish, he was super excited to catch any fish.  It was fun to see him so happy.

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Matt, catching a big one. 

You should have seen the look on Matt's face when Trevor said to him in a rather scornful tone, "That's bait, Uncle Matt."

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Matt caught a puffer fish and some small trout.

DSC02031.JPG (63024 bytes)DSC02035.JPG (61699 bytes)

We even hooked a stingray.

 Notice the birds  - they would come over and try to eat the trout we caught.

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I managed to catch a couple of nice trout and I also hooked a red fish, but it broke off.

By the way, where did I learn how to tuck in a shirt?  I look like a scumbag,

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A few other notes..........

Parking at Orlando International....$4

Gas to go boating....$15

Spending (2) full days fishing with your little brother from Chicago...priceless