Florida Bass

Since we now live in the bass fishing capital of the world,  otherwise known as central Florida, I had to go out and catch me a trophy bass.  My previous experience was fishing for pan fish and an occasional bass in Lake Geneva.   I have learned through my research that bass do not grow at all when the water temperature is below 50 degrees.  In Wisconsin, that means about 8 months out of the year - especially in deep water lakes such as Lake Geneva.

However, as the saying goes, "You ain't in Kansas anymore!"

So now I live in Orlando, Florida where the water temperature, on a cold day in January is about 65 degrees.  This past week, mid July, the water temperature was 84 degrees.  At that temperature, the bass keep growing and growing.

So I hired a guide, purchased a bunch of golden shiners, and proceeded to go to Lake Cypress.  Lake Cypress is about 20 minutes south of Disney World and close to Kissimmee.

What you will see next is all of the pictures we took.   We did not take pictures of every fish we caught, but let me say that the smallest fish we caught that day was bigger than the biggest fish we caught ever in Lake Geneva.

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