Forsberg Hockey Tradition:

If you follow hockey, you probably know of a very popular hockey star, Peter Forsberg.  Peter Forsberg plays for the Colorado Avalanche and  he also lead the Swedish National Team to a Olympic Gold metal a few years ago.

We naturally wanted to continue the Forsberg hockey tradition, so we enrolled Parker, Trevor, and Jasmine in a hockey/skating program.  Actually, Jocelyn enrolled them into a program since she was into skating in a big way as a kid.  Later, you will see how she is equally intense when it comes down to her own children success in hockey.

So we embarked upon a new program.  Several hundreds dollars later, my kids are dressed with new everything (helmets, gloves, pants, elbow pads, and new skates.)

Here are a few photos of Parker, Trevor and a farther below is a link to separate pages about Jasmine and Jocelyn.

DSC07876r.JPG (70082 bytes)

My two new players !

DSC07881.JPG (61269 bytes)DSC07878.JPG (62272 bytes)

Ready for a brawl - fortunately, fighting is not part of the standard instructional program.

DSC07884r.JPG (48842 bytes)DSC07885r.JPG (46782 bytes)

A close up in the stands while we wait for practice to begin


DSC07891.JPG (59318 bytes)DSC07898.JPG (60121 bytes)

On the ice

DSC07904.JPG (60398 bytes)DSC07920.JPG (57233 bytes)

Skating real fast

DSC07899.JPG (62267 bytes)

Listening, and hopefully, pay attention to the instructor

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