General Fishing Page:

Since I really enjoy going fishing and I don't have the time to create a new page for every trip, I thought I would create a single page that had all of my general fishing pictures unless there is some real interesting story behind it.  Unless otherwise shown, these fish are all swimming in the Indian River/Mosquito Lagoon to be caught another day.  

lady fish.jpg (30407 bytes)

Parker, Trevor, and I caught these Ladyfish in early July.  Like all Ladyfish, these things jump all over the water and put up a great fight. They are called a poor man's Tarpon since they fight so hard.   These were caught using a Gulp artificial shrimp and free lining or under a popping cork.  These fish were subsequently chopped up and used for Redfish bait.


ladyfish.jpg (21650 bytes)

A Ladyfish.

 Put up a good fight for its size.  Caught with a dead shrimp and light action tackle.  He jumped all over it.

red fish may 27 masquito lagoon.jpg (22851 bytes)

My second redfish in the Mosquito Lagoon. 

 I saw it tailing with a school and I used my stealth techniques to get closer.  He measured 25 inches and put up a nice fight.  Caught using a dead shrimp on my light tackle.  I hope to catch a lot more.