Life's Special Moments - Parker's First Time On A Two Wheel Bicycle

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Have you ever looked back at your childhood and remember certain events quite vividly ?  These can be simple things such as your first day at school (when I hugged my Mom's leg as the teacher said it was time for us to go to class) or winning the 9 year old baseball championship and feeling like it was the greatest event in the world.

I remember my first time on a bicycle.  My best friend growing up, Tim Briggs, and I raced each other down our street. Each one of us had our new training wheels as we peddled our 40 lbs bikes down the street.  I can remember that day like it was yesterday.

The other day, Parker, asked me to take off his training wheels.  "I want to go on two wheels," Parker said.   I had raised his training wheels for the past few weeks, but I was surprised he wanted to do take them off completely. I took a lot of pictures of this event. 

 Teaching your son how to ride a bicycle is something that you only do once it your life. 

 It was a quite a special day to me.


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Parker caught on pretty quick. I walked behind him and tried to balance him as became more and more confident.


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You can just see the look of excitement in his face.


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After about 20 minutes, he was riding on his own.

  He is still working on stopping and starting, but every day he gets better.