My First Redfish

A few weeks ago, Parker and I went to Haulover Canal in Titusville.  Haulover Canal connects the Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River.  It is part of the East Coast Intercoastal Water Way (ICW).  For this area, it is very deep - almost 30 feet.

I heard that at night time the big redfish come into the deeper water.  So Parker and I went out at 9:00 PM.  Since there was no moon, it was incredibly dark.  We were fishing for about 30 minutes - I had (2) lines out with a frozen mullet off the bottom.  I was also casting a live shrimp on my light action gear (10 Lbs power pro line and a light action rod.)

All of the sudden, I got a huge tug on my light action gear.  It pulled hard and then stopped.  Then it started all over again and I knew I had a big one on the line.

I have hooked a Redfish before, but it broke off. I was determined to get this one in the boat so I used only a little drag so it would not break off.    About 10 minutes later, Parker and I got it into the boat.  This is not a good picture, since I had my cell phone camera in one hand and a flashlight in the other.   (I  forgot my regular camera at home.)

It measured 34 inches and probably weighed 20 lbs.  I did not weigh it since I don't have the proper scale and sometimes weighing the fish can tear up its jaw.  I got the fish back into the water as fast as I could.

It was a great experience, but what made it even better was when the next week Parker said to me:

"Dad, let's go get a red fish !" 

red.jpg (23258 bytes)

It barely fist into my net.