Sister Sue & Brother In Law Todd - Come To Florida For Fishing

My sister, Sue, and brother in law, Todd, came to Florida recently.  They have taken up the sport recently and I have grown use to Sue's weekly calls on Thursday's and Sunday's when they catch bass and catfish in the lakes in Illinois.  I told Sue that when she comes down to Florida, she will make the ascension to an whole new level of fishing.

So I picked them up at the airport and we went fishing on Saturday night for a few hours to start before the lightening got a little to close for comfort.


DSC00385x.JPG (23317 bytes)

Here was one of Sue's first catches - a crab

DSC00386x.JPG (23844 bytes)

I get a kick out of this photo. Its like she's looking into some unknown point (with a total lack of focus).  This isn't too uncommon since I think she has a mind of mush anyway.  I think she was trying to get the feel of the fish.  Since we were fishing for trout, which are very hard biters since they attach and crush the bat, we did not have to do a lot of finesse fishing.

DSC00387x.JPG (32230 bytes)DSC00388x.JPG (33991 bytes)

Sue had some great luck that day.  She caught a couple of lady fish and about 10 trout in about a 2 hour period.  She was surprised at the number of we caught.

DSC00389x.JPG (23603 bytes)DSC00390x.JPG (31739 bytes)

The next day, we started at 5:00 AM and Todd was quick to get on the action.  In the first cast, after about a total of 12 seconds, Todd caught a pompano.  These are awesome fish to eat and I had a good feeling we would have a great day.

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