New Jack City - Catching Jack Crevalle

I took the day off recently and wanted to go fishing.  I went over to Haulover Canal to try my hand at bottom fishing in the morning before I went into the shallow areas.  The wind was blowing at about 25 MPH so Haulover Canal seemed like a good place to be  fish for the day.

In the morning I went out a purchased some live mullet. For my friends up north, a mullet is like a small perch only gray in color.  So I purchased about 12 of them, and stuck a #5 circle hook along its top fin and then threw out a 3 oz sinker (which was about the size of a pinky finger.)

While I was fishing, got a visit from an manatee.  This one came right up to the boat and looked straight at me with his face out of the water.

DSC02252.JPG (576940 bytes)

In any case, I threw out two lines and proceeded to wait.  After about 30 minutes, one of my lines started spinning.  For about the next 4 hours, about every 20 minutes I would get a bite.  I fished until I ran out of bait.  

I was successful since I caught over 5 of the Jack Crevalle.   I did not take pictures of all of them since they were the same size, These were smaller than the monsters I caught in Puerto Vallarte, but it was great to catch them anyway. 

DSC02249.JPG (574069 bytes)

DSC02253.JPG (563271 bytes)