New Years Day Fishing:

Since we moved to Florida, I could no longer have my annual New Year's Day party.  So, instead, I went fishing with Trevor which was a lot of fun.  It brought me great pleasure to know my family up north (especially my sister Sue who complains about the weather all the time)  was shivering in 10 degrees cold. At the same time, I had to wear a hat to keep the warm Florida sun off my head.

Here are a few pictures from that day.

DSC02017.JPG (60893 bytes)

A nice picture of Trevor

DSC02018.JPG (62333 bytes)

My idea of off shore until I get a bigger boat.

DSC02025.JPG (60663 bytes)

Trevor, catching a Stingray.  He was really excited to catch it, but you need to be careful since they will sting you.  I cut the line shortly thereafter.


DSC02026.JPG (62829 bytes)DSC02027.JPG (37313 bytes)

Trevor - after landing a few more