Team 8B - The Crushers !

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Team Schedule:

Date Time Field Treats
October 12 10:00 #3 Mary  ?
October 19 11:00 #3 Schlin

Individual  Photos

Game Photos:

While I was coaching, my brother-in-law, Alex, was busy taking photos.  Our battery was running low so we only got the first quarter of Sept  28 & Oct 5 game.    We hope to have an improved battery or a portable generator brought in for our next game.

If you have taken photos and they are available in a digital format, please send them to me.  I have a high speed data line so as long as you don't send them in a file over 10 MB in length, I should be OK.    

Crusher #2

Crusher #4

Crusher #5

Crusher #6

Crusher #7

Warning, large file:

Crusher #2.5

(note, this is a very large file since it may have some duplicates.  This will take 33 seconds over a 28.8 dial up line.  I felt I would rather error on the side of caution and post as many files as possible rather than leaving some out.)