This past summer I coached Parker's t-ball team, I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Fortunately, my job allows me to get off of work early enough to make practices and I also rarely travel.  I also enjoy working with children quite a bit and I intend on coaching my children as long as I can.

I have a few simple rules when I coach t-ball:

Everyone needs to look at me when I talk
No one picks up a bat unless I say it is ok
Everyone should have fun !

I also try to look each kid in the eye and work with each one individually as much as I can.  This year I worked on basic batting instruction since it is real important for children to learn the basics.

Here are a few pictures of my team and, of course, my favorite player, Parker.  I would have taken more pictures, but it is real difficult to coach and take photos at the same time.


tball pfC00056.JPG (61591 bytes)

Team Photo:


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My favorite player, Parker.