Trevor's First Redfish

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This weekend, my son, Trevor, caught his very first redfish. It was an incredibly exciting experience and one of those father-son bonding moments that I will remember forever.

We were fishing in the Indian River near Titusville. We used cut ladyfish and we basically would cast it out into the water and let it sit there. This may not be the most glamorous of ways to catch redfish, but it sure is effective. We would put the heavy action lines off the rear and fish for the fish for trout off the front.

While we were casting and the action was a little slow, all of the sudden the great sound of spinning reels was loud. Trevor ran to the back of the boat and pulled the line. Given the amount of tension on the line, we knew it was either a catfish or redfish. About 15 seconds later, the tail splashed on the surface and Trevor yelled out, "It's a red fish ! It's a red fish!"

Now the fight was on. Since he has been watching the Tarpon fishing tournaments on Sun TV, he yelled out, "Pull up the power pole." I did that and then he said, "Dad, get the trolling motor going." I thought is was funny that a 9 year old was yelling out all of these commands.

A few minutes later, the fish got real close and I got out the net. After about 15 seconds of some real tense moments with trying to get the redfish into the net, we finally landed it.

I can vividly remember the bright smile on his face as we both cheered that we landed a red fish ! It measured about 24 inches long.

Later that morning, we caught another 25 in redfish and I landed a 32 inch redfish. I could tell all about that experience, but I wanted this post to be all about Trevor's first redfish. Both were released for another day.

Unfortunately, the pictures we took while on the boat did not work correctly, so I posted this one right before we cooked this fish !