2001 Spring T-Ball

The Royals

This spring, I am coaching Parker in T-ball with Phil.  Phil and I have coached soccer together and we both have a lot of fun.  Coaching t-ball is a lot more challenging than soccer since there is a lot of standing around.  When you consider the fact that most 4-5 year olds have an extremely limited attention span, it can be a real challenge to keep them motivated

I have posted several pictures and I hope you enjoy them.  These were taken by my brother in law, Andrew, who it 11 years old.  A few of the pictures are not as sharp or have the perfect angle to them, but for a 10 year old, Andrew does a good job.

Also, for privacy purposes, I have not listed the names of any of the children outside of my immediate family.  I also tried to include a photo of everyone.


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A few picture of Phil and I coaching - this was our second practice.


DSC02506.JPG (62631 bytes)DSC02500.JPG (63140 bytes)

The team getting ready to play.

Since there are a lot of photos, please follow this next link entitled, Batter Up !