Fall 2002 Soccer Page:

This year I coach two different soccer teams.  This will be the launching point for the schedule, treats, pictures, and live action movies.

I will try to get every kid involved since I know that everyone likes to look at pictures of themselves or their loved ones.

A few notes on the pages...

 If you are using a terribly slow 28.8 modem line, then each page should download in less than 10 seconds.  If you want to see each one of the pictures in greater detail, then click on each one.  If you like the pictures, you can "right click" on your mouse and it should allow you to save the pictures. 

The photographer, in general, is my brother-in-law Alex.  Alex is 12 years old and does a good job helping me out.    Digital cameras are great for still photos, but are not as good for action photos.  So some of the action photos may be slightly distorted.   

The pictures are taken using the basic image settings of the camera. This enables the pictures to snap up very quickly on a PC and appear almost photo quality on a PC. However, if you print them out, they will not be as clear as the 3 million pixel pictures (which is the highest setting of my camera.)  High quality 35 mm camera are still better, but not as convenient (nor as inexpensive for photos).

So here we go !

Soccer Schedule:

If your son or daughter is 4-5 years old, then follow this page: Four & Five Year Old Soccer

If your son is 6-7 years old, then follow this link: Six and Seven Year Old Soccer